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MorphablesŪ Order Form

How to order your Morphables®
E-Mail your orders to:
We will need the following information in your email:

1) Contact information: Name, shipping address,phone number (in case there are any questions). Orders are shipped within 2-3 days and shipped priority, to ensure tracking . If desired sooner,please specify necessary shipping method along with additional shipping charges

2) Template Selection-Specify template desired by title. If ordering picture to picture, please specify custom. Also quantity desired of each template ordered.

3) Please label all pictures with appropriate names that will appear in the Morphable®. Attach/Upload all pictures needed for Morphable® ordered. Please save them as a jpeg.

4) All Morphables® are in the 8 x 10 size which fit perfectly inside a frame
(minus glass for best effect).
Keychains/Greeting Cards will be available soon. Larger custom sizes are available, please call for pricing.

Originals:$24.95 each
Duplicates:(exact same image):$15.95 each
Plus shipping:
1-2 Morphables®-$3.95
2-5 Morphables®-$6.95

Contact TrickPic at 630-844-8020